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Palletizing Machine: MAX-PORTIC Palletizing Machine: MAX-PORTIC Palletizing Machine: MAX-PORTIC
Palletizing Machine: MAX-PORTIC


Automatic programmable machine designed to stock tile boxes in pallets previously configured depending on size and type of product. The load displacements are controlled in all of 4 axes (X-Z-Y-J), it has a grip device and, the option of placing empty pallets automatically and inserting a cardboard sheet between tile boxes.

PICKING QUALITY SEPARATION (quality difference):
  • Simple gripping device: places two boxes of the same quality on the same pallet.
  • Double gripping device: places two boxes of different qualities on two different pallets


All working formats of our machines:
Small - Medium - Large - ExtraLarge - XXL

  • Quick and Simple automatic size change
  • Maximum production rate 6/8 cycles per min.
  • Motorized gripper with 0-270º rotation.
  • Pallet station with buffer stops and
  • Pallets station with buffer stops and photocells (depending on n. of stackers).
  • One side ballet disposition.
  • 4 Axes controlled with encoders and invertes.
  • Pneumatic Gripper from 100 to 600 mm.
  • Tile box conveyor.
  • Aerial Slider for X-Y axes and gearmotor with encoders.
  • Z axis Column with precision guides and gearmotor.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder, for aid lifting of Z axis.
  • Electrical and Pneumatical instalation with Operator control panel.
  • Movements with Asynchronous Motors.
  • Complete operator control panel with PLC and PC.
  • HD Screen
  • Operational System: Programmable Logic Control.
  • PC: For automatic management training.
  • Power Supply: 400 VAC III + N.
  • Running Power: 10KW.
  • Air consumption. 20L/min.
  • Air suply preassure: 6 bar.
  • Max Pallet Size: 1200 x 1200 mm.



  • Automatic pallet picking device:



  • Automatic cardboard picking device:


  • Gripping capacity / Maximum load capacity:
  1. Small Gripper: up to 100 Kg..
  2. Medium Gripper: up to 150 Kg.
  3. Large gripper: up to 200 kg.
  4. Extra Large: up to 250 kg.

  • Picking up point or Palletizing point:
  1. Box turner: "Frontal / Lateral".

Box pick up/ "Flat".





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