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Packaging Machines: EA-6.1 Packaging Machines: EA-6.1 Packaging Machines: EA-6.1
Packaging Machines: EA-6.1


Automatic machine specially designed for tile packing small and medium sizes.


Minimum: 150 x 150 mm.
Maximum: 500 x 500 mm. 
The Optimum: 300 x 600 mm.

Trend: 250 x 750 mm.

Small - Medium


  • Cardboard type: PACKMASTER / WRAP
  • Equipped with 2 cardboard stores.
  • Minimum pile height: 50 mm (including box)
  • Maximum pile height: 250 mm (including box)
  • Production rate: 6-8 boxes/minute (depending on the tile size).
  • Manual, quick and simple size change.
  • Pneumatic pile lifting.
  • Sizes up to 300 x 600 (short side in the chain direction of travel).
  • Movements with asynchronous motors.
  • Equipped with a Hot Glue Device to stick the tile boxes.
  • Technology based in Control Panel with PLC controlled with an Industrial PC.
  • Power: 380 V ac (3Ph. +N) as usual or any other based on customer requirements. 
  • Simple and commercial electronics.
  • Higher productive yield is achieved (300 x 600 mm.)
  • The most economical, because it uses lower cost of cardboard.



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