Errece - Ceramic Machinery
TECNARGILLA 2012: TailorShop Errece
28 September 2012

The company has participated in the Rimini Fair as an exhibitor for first time, in order to strengthen its international machinery.
Errece Maquinaria Ceramica remains strong with its business strategy of promotion and internationalization of their products and services in foreign countries. So much so, that has been present in the past Tecnargilla Fair 2012, held in Rimini (Italy) from 24 to 28 September.

At the moment Errece is active 90% of its production, so Tecnargilla 2012 has served as a platform to consolidate its relationship with customers and attract potencial.

For management and commercial team has been productive this Fair because foreign markets are made great investments for new lines complete selection given the large amount of emergent countries in the ceramic industry, as India, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Peru, Brazil, Iran...

Errece made his stand  in a TAILOR SHOP.
Presented a completely interactive stand (QRCODES) and creative, and committed to a axis of communication of their ceramic machinery.
Under the slogan "TAILORMADE MACHINES" Errece company becomes "THE TAILOR OF YOUR SELECTION".
All of this, to communicate that Errece is the Spanish Manufacturer of Ceramic Machinery, and doesn't make standard machines, but customizes at 100% according to needs, sizes or culture of our clients.

At present thanks to the penetration of your new markets of Ceramic machinery, the firm has new contacts in the area of South America, North Africa and the Far East.




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